German Embassy supports food distribution in Freedomland-Katutura

On the picture there are four persons standing next to a German Embassy promotion banner and in front of numerous food packages. They look towards the camera.

Creabuntu site visit on 18 September: (l. to r.) Samuel Kapepo (Project Manager of the soup kitchen), Ellen Gölz (Chargée d’Affaires a.i. of the German Embassy Windhoek), Monica Nambelela (Activist & Member of Creabuntu) and Graziella Titus (Development Cooperation Desk German Embassy Windhoek), © German Embassy Windhoek

24.09.2020 - Press release

As part of its projects to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 and to address the most urgent needs through an immediate measure, the German Embassy supports families in need in the informal settlement of Freedomland-Katutura in Windhoek. A total of NAD 52,453.00 (EUR 2,552.00) from the Embassy’s micro project fund was made available to purchase food packages for distribution to the community.

The packages are filled with staple foods and will be distributed to the community members in need by the Non-Profit Organization CREABUNTU.

Chargée d’Affaires a.i. of the German Embassy, Ellen Gölz, visited the community center in Katutura on 18 September 2020, were she was welcomed by Samuel Kapepo and Monica Nambelela. Both have been actively supporting the people of Freedomland-Katutura for many years and know the struggle and needs of the community members. Samuel Kapepo also runs a soup kitchen for the children of the neighborhood. They explained how the distribution of food is coordinated and who the affected families are.

These are some thoughts of Ellen Gölz on the project: “The work and commitment by Samuel Kapepo, Monica Nambelela and Creabuntu are impressive. We are more than happy to support their efforts in continuing the mobile soup kitchen for families in need.”

Project partner CREABUNTU

“Creabuntu Art School for Kids” was brought into life by German national Elke Reinauer who visited Namibia for the first time in 2015 to work as a journalist for “Allgemeine Zeitung”. She then decided to offer theater workshops to help children and youth in the informal settlements of Katutura develop more self-confidence.
Creabuntu today also provides after school programs and a safe environment where learners can do their homework and play. Additionally a soup kitchen was created to offer healthy meals to children.

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