Donation of Music Instruments to the Christian Youth Brass Band of the Kai //Khaun Traditional Authority

Band members and officials from the Traditional Authority, the German Embassy and the Goethe-Institut stand next to each other and hold brass instruments.

Handing over the instruments: Daniel Stoevesandt (right, Goethe-Institut Namibia), Ellen Gölz (second from right, German Embassy Windhoek) and Chief Cooper (center, Hoachanas Kai Khaun Traditional Authority), © German Embassy Windhoek

11.11.2020 - Press release

On 10 November 2020, Ellen Gölz, Chargée d’Affaires a.i. of the German Embassy Windhoek, and Daniel Stoevesandt, Director of the Goethe-Institut Namibia, handed over a donation of brass instruments to the Christian Youth Brass Band of the Kai //Khaun Traditional Authority in Hoachanas, represented by Chief P.S.M. Kooper. The donation consists of three trumpets, three French horns, one tuba, two alto horns and six music stands, at a total value of about 74,000 N$ (ca. 3,880 €) The funding was provided by the Goethe-Institut in the framework of their support to music groups in countries all over the world.

Several young men and women are sitting on chairs and are playing brass instruments.
The Christian Youth Brass Band in Hoachanas.© German Embassy Windhoek

Most of the members of the Christian Youth Brass Band have been learning their instruments only since the beginning of 2020. At the handover ceremony they played a number of pieces, including the Namibian and German national anthems. With the instruments, the brass band will continue to play at official ceremonies, church events such as weddings and funerals as well as at cultural festivities. Chief Kooper and the Kai //Khaun Traditional Authority have started the brass band to provide their community youths an opportunity to take part in a recreational and educational programme.

Cultural programme work - promoting art and exhibitions, film, theatre, dance, literature and music - is a key component of the foreign cultural and education policy of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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