Support for ‘Friendly Haven’ women’s shelter

Support for ‘Friendly Haven’ women’s shelter

Support for ‘Friendly Haven’ women’s shelter, © German Embassy, Windhoek

15.12.2020 - Press release

The German Embassy supports the women’s shelter ‘Friendly Haven’ in Windhoek with a total of 331,497.21 NAD (approx. EUR 18,065.00) from the Embassy’s micro project fund.

In these economically challenging times, the operating of the shelter has become more difficult; to such an extent that necessary repairs and the planned purchase of a solar system had to be postponed.

The funds will now be used for these long overdue plans. Renovation and repairs of sanitary installations will be carried out. The installation of a solar system and a gas stove will help reduce the electricity bill substantially and ease the financial burden of utility costs. The freed up finances can eventually be used to run the shelter more smoothly and create a more conducive environment for the affected women seeking help.

The shelter will also receive food and sanitary items. The German Ambassador Herbert Beck visited the shelter ‘Friendly Haven’ on Monday 14th December 2020 and emphasized the support towards women’s rights projects through the German Government.

“The German Federal Foreign Office promotes women's rights worldwide to reduce human rights violations that primarily affect women and girls. Support for projects conducted by local non-governmental organizations is at the forefront of this work. We commend the efforts of the ‘Ecumenical Social Diaconate Action’ (ESDA) to run this shelter, the only one of its kind in Namibia, and we are convinced that our contribution will make a difference.”

Project partners:

‘Friendly Haven’, a project of the ‘Ecumenical Social Diaconate Action’ (ESDA) was founded in 1996 and serves as a shelter for battered women and their children. Coming from different parts of the community regardless of economic, ethnic and religious background these women, sometimes together with their children receive the needed support to find strength to minimize the trauma of abuse. Since it opened its doors, the ‘Friendly Haven’ Shelter accommodated close to 1500 abused women and children; and has worked tirelessly to raise awareness on gender-based violence in Namibia. The German Embassy is proud to support this necessary and most laudable project in various ways in the past years, today and in future.

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