AGDS and German Embassy provide scholarships for BA Education students.

Signing of contract

Mrs Ellen Gölz, (right) Deputy Head of the German Embassy and Hans-Joachim Böhme, (left) chairman of the AGDS., © German Embassy, Windhoek

20.07.2021 - Press release

The lack of qualified teachers is one of the main challenges faced by the Namibian education system. For many years, the AGDS (Arbeits- und Fördergemeinschaft der Deutschen Schulvereine in Namibia) have therefore provided scholarships to Namibian students studying for a Bachelor of Education for primary and secondary school. In return, the students commit to teaching at an AGDS school for a few years after the completion of their studies. The AGDS is the umbrella organization for school associations, which represent schools in Namibia where German as a First Language is taught.

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany has supported the AGDS in this quest to make this study course and profession more attractive for several years so far.

This year, Mrs Ellen Gölz, Deputy Head of the German Embassy and Hans-Joachim Böhme, chairman of the AGDS, signed a funding agreement to the amount of 7,500 EURO (circa 126,000 NAD). This support from the German Embassy will finance the scholarships of three students this year.

Remarks by scholarship holders

Scholarship holder Vivienne Kaninas, a third-year bachelor student at the University of Namibia, said: “This scholarship is very important to me, since it allows me to study a subject for which I am passionate, namely languages, but also gives me the opportunity to teach at one of the best German partner schools in Namibia once I have completed my degree.”

Fellow scholarship holder Uaisiua Schusmeither added that the scholarship has given her the opportunity to continue studying German as well as teaching others in the future. In addition, it enabled her to attend university, since her single mother could otherwise not have afforded the tuition fees.

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