German Embassy supports King’s Daughter’s Organisation and Help4Nam

Covid-19 immediate relief food parcels for needy households  

Handing over of food parcels., © King’s Daughter’s Organisation

01.10.2021 - Press release

The German Embassy has partnered with King’s Daughter’s Organisation and Help4Nam to support families in need with food donations in and around Windhoek, Okahandja and Rehoboth.

A total of approximately 182,000 NAD (10,300 EUR) from the micro project fund of the Embassy is made available as an immediate support measure to purchase 500 food parcels to distribute these amongst households in need. The distributed items include staple foods such as maize meal, flour, pasta, rice, sugar, cooking oil, as well as sanitary items.

The donations are primarily aimed at helping families of former sex-workers which mostly have to live in abject poverty, with nowhere to go for support.

Project partner:

King’s Daughter’s Organisation - based in Windhoek-Katutura- supports and assists former sex-workers since 2006. The organization tries to offer these ladies an alternative to the streets in a more holistic way. Its mission is to reduce sex-workers in Namibia by educating the women and train them to become community health counselors.

Covid-19 immediate relief food parcels for needy households
Training Session to become “Community Health Counselors”.© King’s Daughter’s Organisation

This in turn can serve for them to act as multipliers in order to help still active sex-workers to turn around their lives for the better. The Kings Daughter’s Organization is conducting an “Adherence Support Group” to encourage HIV positive sex worker members to take their medication within their antiretroviral therapy (ART) on time in order to reach viral load suppression. It is during these support group activities that the food packs are distributed to make sure that medications are not taken on empty stomachs. King’s Daughters rehabilitation program with sex workers contributes to the restoration of their dignity and self-worth.

Help4Nam is a UK-based charity organization that was founded by Namibian expats. Help4Nam has been active in Namibia with the distribution of food donations, especially in the current dire situation that some Namibian families are facing. The co-operation with King’s Daughter’s Organisation was established during the current pandemic, when the UK charity was supporting with food parcels for the less fortunate.

The aim of both organizations to rehabilitate former sex-workers by offering counselling and encouraging them to seek for better avenues is commendable and unique in Namibia. The German Embassy encourages this kind of work and hopes that there will be more possibilities to support projects connected to this cause.

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