Promotion of Vocational Education and Training in Namibia (ProVET)

28.12.2017 - Article

The project is financed through the German Government with 190 million  N$ (10/2012 – 03/2018) as well as the European Union with 120 million N$ (07/2016 – 03/2020).

Stella Seibert-Palascino, Counsellor for Development Cooperation at the German Embassy, presented the results and achievements of the cooperation to various stakeholders© German Embassy Windhoek

On the occasion of the bilateral government negotiations in September 2017, the German and Namibian Governments agreed to continue and strengthen the cooperation in the area of TVET in the coming years through a new project phase.

Advancing vocational education in Namibia

ProVET has been supporting NTA to advance vocational education and training in Namibia with the objective to ensure that industry demand for vocational qualifications in selected sectors is increasingly covered. The project has been operating from the national level and has been supporting the development of key elements of the VET system, e.g. the training of trainers. Furthermore, ProVET has been involved in the piloting of a number of qualifications at various training centres in the whole country.

ProVET has been in support of NTA’s TVET Transformation and Expansion Strategy as well as Namibia's policies and strategies like NDP 4 and 5, Vision 2030 and the Harambee Prosperity Plan.

Main achievements of ProVET

Some of the main achievements of the projects have been:

  •     The development of 15 new or revised qualifications for trades in demand by industry (Agriculture (L2-5) Crops, Livestock and Farm Machinery (L2-3); Fire and Rescue Operations (L1-4); Auto Mechanics (L1-4); Heavy Plant Operations (L3); Health and Safety Operations (L1-3); Panel Beating and Spray Painting (L1-3);Solar Installation and Maintenance (L1-5); VET Training, Assessment and Moderation (L4-6); Water and Sanitation (L1-4).)
  •     The implementation of various of the above qualifications with 7 training providers in different parts of the country -such as Rundu, Zambezi, Eenhana, Mashare and Tsumis- with a focus on key sectors (e.g. agriculture, transport- Heavy Plant Operator) which are relevant to economic development priorities and to focal areas of Namibian-German Development Cooperation.
  •     426 trainees (with 37.8% being female) participated in supported training programmes.
  •     137 teachers and trainers have successfully taken part in further training measures.
  •     45 trainers have undergone yearlong ToT interventions through strategic international Partnerships together with German partners like the University of Bremen and the Academy of Teacher Training of the German State of Baden-Wurttemberg.
  •     Strengthened private sector engagement in TVET planning and implementation, in line with present NTA strategies and systems
  •     Working with three Vocational Training Centres in northern Namibia under the EU Training Hub, an action financed by the European Union through a delegation agreement, with the main aim of 1) increasing equitable access and completion of VET programs and 2) improving VET quality to ensure provision of labour market oriented skills and competencies.

Way forward

The new phase of the ProVET project will commence in April 2018 and will continue until April 2020. The project will continue to work on improving the TVET system in Namibia alongside the NTA, working within the framework of the NTA’s TVET Expansion and Transformation Strategy with the aim of ensuring a skilled workforce which will serve to transform Namibia into an industrialized country by 2030 as anticipated by Namibia’s Vision 2030.  In addition, the co- financed component of the ProVET project, the implementation of the EU Training Hub will also continue until March 2020 with the aim of transforming the three centres of the Hub into centres of excellence

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