Inaurugation of new Dolam Children’s Home in Katutura/Windhoek

Dolam children’s home with children on the right side of the building and one child running infront of the building in the yard

 The new Dolam children’s home is ready., © German Embassy Windhoek

12.03.2018 - Press release

The new Dolam Children’s Home in Katutura was inaugurated on Friday, 9 March 2018. The German Embassy, through its micro-project fund, financed all the furniture worth 255.362,88 N$ (17.538,66 EURO).

Representatives of the German Embassy in Windhoek, together with the founder Rosa Namises and the representatives of German NGO Pallium e.V.  joined in the grand opening of this eventful Occasion.

Dolam Children’s Home was founded by Rosa Namises in 1999. Starting off by providing shelter to orphans and vulnerable children, she first used her own house for this purpose.

This newly built children’s home will provide more privacy and study space, as well as a larger recreational area. The home will also accommodate a larger number of orphans and vulnerable children and has enough open areas to expand the existing buildings in future for further intake of children and for the envisioned future project for abandoned, orphaned and sick babies.

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