Sharing information on Women’s and Children’s Rights: German Government supports Legal Assistance Centre

Toni Hancox (LAC) and Ambassador Schlaga signed a funding contract.

Toni Hancox (LAC) and Ambassador Schlaga signed a funding contract., © German Embassy Windhoek

22.08.2018 - Press release

The German Government supports this human rights project in 2018 with 683.000,00 Namibian Dollar.

On 22 August 2018, German Ambassador Christian Schlaga and Toni Hancox, Director of the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC), signed a funding agreement on LAC’s project “Sharing information on Women’s and Children’s Rights”. The German Government supports this human rights project with 683.000,00 Namibian Dollar.

Comic books, brochures and pamphlets: for several years, LAC develops easy-to-read newspaper supplements and thus disseminates information on laws and policies to the public. Due to the vastness of Namibia, language barriers, an ever-changing landscape of policies and constantly changing target groups, the need for information is immense.
Knowledge about one’s rights and how to claim them will lead to empowerment, particularly of women and children in Namibia.

Background information

LAC is a Namibian public interest law center, striving to make law accessible to those with the least access to law, through education, research, litigation and legal advice with the ultimate aim of creating and maintaining a human rights culture in Namibia.

The protection and promotion of human rights are key priorities for the Federal Republic of Germany. Article 1 of Germany’s Basic Law describes human rights as the basis of every community, of peace and of justice in the world. This means that Germany is committed to promoting human dignity and to protecting fundamental freedoms not only in Germany but throughout the world.
To this end, the German Federal Foreign Office provides funds for sponsoring different projects supporting the protection of human rights all over the world, predominantly in emerging and developing countries.

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