German Embassy supports children’s home “Home iNAMi”

Director of Especially Namibian Trust and the German Ambassador have signed a funding agreement.

Director of Especially Namibian Trust and the German Ambassador have signed a funding agreement., © German Embassy Windhoek

24.10.2018 - Press release

On 24 October 2018 a funding agreement between the German Embassy and Especially Namibian Trust was signed. Ambassador Christian Schlaga together with Sandra Baumeister (Trustee) and Miriam Faust (Project Member) undersigned a contract, which stipulates the financial support amounting to 101,323.68 N$ (Euro 6.170,75). The donation is made available through the micro-project fund of the Embassy.

The Especially Namibian Trust in cooperation with Wadadee Cares set up a children’s home in Windhoek/Katutura. A matron takes care of 8 vulnerable children by securing their daily basic needs and offering them a safe environment.
Furthermore the house will accommodate an afternoon care for the children of the community. They will be provided with a warm meal every day and whilst in their care they will be offered also homework support.

Furnishing the home to create a safe and conducive environment   

The house that has been rented through the Especially Namibian Trust is in dire need of furniture and all basics equipment for the children and their matron to lead a normal life. Thus the funds will be used to furnish the house and make it liveable for all.

The equipment for the afternoon care includes school desks and chairs for the homework support and enough crockery and cooking equipment for the feeding program.  

By providing the children with a safe, clean and protected home it will enhance their quality of life. They will be exposed to a different way of living and might take this as an opportunity to better themselves and their circumstances.  

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