Film Festival to commemorate 30 years Fall of the Berlin Wall

30 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall

30 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall, © German Embassy Windhoek

05.11.2019 - Press release

You love movies and are interested in German history? Then you are cordially invited to the Film Festival presented by the German Embassy in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Namibia on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The movies deal with different aspects of life in a then separated Germany as well as with the changes the Fall of the Berlin Wall brought to the people.

The Berlin Wall was a guarded concrete barrier which physically and ideologically divided East- and West-Berlin from 1961 to 1989 and symobolized the “Iron Curtain” separating Europe at the time. On 9 November 1989, following peaceful protests in East-Germany (the GDR), the border posts were opened and Berliners from both sides crossed and climbed onto the Wall and celebrated. In the following months, the Wall was destroyed and removed. The Fall of the Berlin Wall paved the way for German reunification, which was formally concluded on 3 October 1990.

The Berlin Wall played a major role in a great number of movies, ranging from dramas and thrillers to comedies. In its Film Festival, the German Embassy Windhoek presents a small selection:

8 November 2019, 18:00, at Goethe-Institut Windhoek:
Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others)

13 November 2019, 19:00, Namibia Scientific Society, Windhoek:
Zug in die Freiheit (Train to Freedom)

15 November 2019, 19:00, Teater Huis, Tsumeb:
Good Bye Lenin!

16 November 2019, 19:00, Open Air at Zoo Park, Windhoek:
Good Bye Lenin!

26 November 2019, 19:00, Swakopmund Museum:
Sonnenallee (Sun Alley)

All movies will be shown in German language with English subtitles, entrance is free.

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