The German Embassy’s support to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 in Rehoboth

The German Embassy’s support to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 in Rehoboth.

Recipients of the food assistance. , © Evangelical Mission Church, Rehoboth

07.12.2020 - Press release

The German Embassy supports about 100 families in need from the Rehoboth area who currently suffer from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. By partnering up with the Evangelical Mission Church in Rehoboth, the families’ severe food insecurity will be mitigated by distributing food packages amongst the most vulnerable. The church reached out to the German Embassy, requesting assistance in helping the most affected people in its community. A total of 95,340.00 NAD (approx. EUR 4,900.00) from the Embassy’s micro project fund was made available as an immediate measure to purchase food packages and hygiene products such as hand sanitizers and reusable face masks.

To further support the community in these challenging economical times Evangelical Mission Church procured all goods locally. The reusable face masks were produced by seamstresses from Rehoboth and the hand sanitizers are also made in Namibia. This may help securing jobs and putting food on the table of some more families.

Project partners:

The Evangelical Mission Church is an independent Christian church founded in 1967. The Rehoboth congregation is very active in assisting the most vulnerable members of society, especially the elderly. Even though they have events like the “Annual Winter Blanket” distribution and soup kitchens, the need for support remains high.

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