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12.12.2017 - Article

Dear Readers,

The photo shows Christian-Matthias Schlaga, German Ambassador to Namibia since 2015
Christian-Matthias Schlaga became German Ambassador to Namibia in 2015.© Federal Foreign Office

I welcome you to the website of the German Embassy in Windhoek / Namibia. I appreciate your interest in the work of the Embassy and other German institutions in Namibia.

The relationship of our country with Namibia rests on a long and varied, in the beginning certainly also painful, but nevertheless shared history, during the course of which a tightly-knit net of cultural, economic, political and personal relations has been forged. Germany therefore actively engaged itself for Namibian independence in the framework of the contact group of the International community.

The year 1990 became a historic year for both countries and peoples: while the peaceful revolution in Europe put an end to the division of the continent and, thus, paved the way for German Unity, the international upheavals also made it possible for Namibia to reach its long awaited and fiercely fought for Independence. The common experiences made during that time continue to shape the relations between Germany and Namibia today. They have led to the creation of a close partnership, which focuses on an encompassing development cooperation, with which Germany has contributed decisively to the development of Namibia and will continue to do so.

Apart from the cooperation between the two governments, a network of organisations and private persons from both countries has developed in all areas of society.

German is still one of the most important languages spoken and taught in Namibia. We support the use of the German language as a central element of the connection between our two countries in various ways.

On the following pages we present the work of the Embassy as well as other German institutions in Namibia, together with whom we jointly pursue the aims of German policy. In addition, we inform you about news from and about Germany.

I wish you a lot of fun during your “virtual tour”. We look forward to your suggestions on how we might improve our information on offer.

With kind regards,

Christian Matthias Schlaga


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Before becoming Ambassador in Windhoek Christian-Matthias Schlaga was Ambassador in Estonia.

Curriculum Vitae: Christian-Matthias Schlaga

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