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27.03.2018 - Article

We want to offer the best possible service to the visitors of the Embassy. In order to optimize the processes to reduce waiting times to a minimum and to convey information quickly, some organizational changes are implemented.

Telephone accessibility

The legal and consular department is directly reachable by telephone during the following times:

Monday to Friday 08:30 to 09:00 and
Monday to Thursday14:30 to 15:00.

Outside these hours, all the staff are at the counters and cannot attend to telephonic inquiries.

Appointment for all consular services

As of Tuesday, 3 April 2018, an appointment must be arranged in advance for all consular matters. This method has long been applied in the visa section and will also be used to simplify the process for example for passport applications, birth announcements or questions regarding to nationality issues.

The link to the appointment can be found on the Internet at: online appointment system

Only extraordinary emergencies are excluded from this regulation.

In order for the Embassy to make the best possible use of its capacities and to avoid waiting times for you - at the Embassy as well as for appointments - we rely on your assistance. Please inform yourself well in advance which documents must be provided and bring them with you in full. Plan your commute so that you are in time for your appointment.

And last but not least: your feedback is important to us! Let us know what experiences you have had after these organizational changes. 


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