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A Namibian Diplomatic Passport.

A Namibian Diplomatic Passport., © German Embassy Windhoek

30.01.2020 - Article

Read here on the special requirements for Official and Diplomatic passport holders.

General information

  • Namibian Diplomatic Passport Holders (red passport) do not require a visa for Germany for up to 90 days within the 180 day period. Should you be required to travel to or have a flight connection via any other Schengen-country please contact the respective Embassy to find out if a visa is required.
  • Namibian Official Passport holders (blue passport) do require a visa for Germany, even if they only have a flight connection to another Schengen-country. Official Passport holders have to apply in person for the visa for the purpose of fingerprint scans.
  • The German Embassy Windhoek is also responsible if your main destination is Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands or Switzerland.
  • Please note that the application has to be submitted personally and cannot be submitted earlier than 6 months before the date of travel.
  • Each applicant must submit a separate and complete set of the documents.
  • Visa applications for official purposes need to be accompanied by a Verbal Note from the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation (MIRCO) stating names, passport details of all travellers and official functions. It should be clearly mentioned, which persons are members of an officially invited delegation, and which persons are accompanying the delegation.
  • We will do our utmost to process visa applications accompanied by a Verbal Note within 3 working days from the date of application. However, due to the technical processes involved this timeframe cannot be guaranteed. Therefore applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for the visas well in advance of their actual travel dates.
  • If your travel date is imminent or lies within three days of your application date, please check if you can postpone your trip. In general, the German Embassy is not able to expedite the process.
  • Further documentation may be requested in each individual case.

When and where to apply

Applications can be submitted 6 months before the date of travel at the earliest.

It is not obligatory for Official passport holders to use the services of the Visa Application Center. Instead, applications can be handed in directly at the German Embassy Windhoek

Monday to Thursday from 13:30 to 14:30
without previous appointment on a walk-in basis
(but not more than six applications per day)

What documents to submit

Please compile the documents you need to submit with your application in the following order. If documents or supporting documentation are missing, your application may be rejected.

  • Please fill in your application electronically via VIDEX beforehand. Print out the application form AND the barcode that is automatically generated and bring it with you when you come to the Embassy: Application form for Schengen visa (electronically, to be printed out)
  • One recent passport photo according to biometric specifications
    Biometric passport photo sample PDF / 2 MB
  • Official/Diplomatic Passport valid for at least 3 months after the intended date of departure from the territory of the Schengen area. The passport must contain at least two blank visa pages and must have been issued within the last ten years
  • Verbal Note from MIRCO including a detailed travel itinerary (travel dates and routing), the reason for travel (copy of invitation letter) and a cost responsibility declaration for all travelers

In case the cost responsibility declaration cannot be given, travellers must provide additionally to the above mentioned:

  • proof of accommodation
  • travel/medical insurance (coverage for medical expensed: EUR 30,000, valid for the entire Schengen area for the duration of the applicant's planned stay). It is a requirement, that claims against the insurance company are recoverable in a Member State. The insured party, policy validity period, geographical coverage and schedule of benefits must be mentioned in the policy schedule/certificate.

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