Funding guidelines for micro-projects

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In the funding guidelines is explained, how an application for funds can be submitted to the German Embassy.

General Information

  • In general, the grant amount for small-scale projects may not exceed € 25,000 (equivalent in Namibia Dollars depending on exchange rate)
  • The applicant has to contribute to the project by means of finances, labour, providing premises etc.
  • Implementation and completion of the project shall be during the same year in which the funding agreement has been signed and the funds were made available. This includes the formal proof of use of funds, a final report together with a list of expenses and original invoices. Unused funds or expenses without original invoices must be refunded by the applicant to the German Embassy
  • Sustainability is a key reference point. Projects cannot be considered for funding if the follow-up costs cannot be borne by the applicant. Sustainability of at least 2 years should be guaranteed.

Projects/items that cannot be funded

  • Partial-funding of projects, e.g. larger projects with several donors
  • Projects that have already commenced (i.e. reimbursement of costs already incurred)
  • Funding of commodities/consumables (such as foodstuffs, medicines, etc.)
  • Ongoing and recurring costs such as salaries, daily expenses, administrative and travel costs (overhead costs)
  • The fund cannot be used for land acquisition, ongoing rental payments or vehicle purchase.
  • Non-eligible are projects aiming at supporting individuals or already privileged groups as well as those relating to humanitarian aid during disaster and crisis situations or food aid.

What a project proposal should include

  • Detailed description of the project
  • Detailed information of the applying institution/group, complete address, telephone and e-mail address, its legal form etc.,  if applicable documentation of the registration of the organization  
  • If financing is requested for purchasing of goods, quotations of three independent suppliers must be submitted
  • List of total costs according to the most cost-effective quotation
  • Own contributions, in money or labour
  • If building activities of any kind are involved: proof of ownership for the land and planning permission (if already granted) has to be submitted
  • Estimated project time frame (project needs to be finished within the same year)
  • Declaration, that possible follow-up costs can be covered by beneficiary

Further questions? Contact the German Embassy Windhoek

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