Project 1: Establishing a Central Support Mission at Osona Base


At Osona Base near Okahandja, Germany supports the construction of a central repair and training facility for the Namibian Defense Force.

17 August 2017, ground-breaking ceremony at Osona Base near Okahandja: The Federal Government supports the construction of a central repair and training facility for the Namibian Defense Force (NDF). In future, material ought to be maintained at this facility, enabling Namibia to participate in possible engagements with the United Nations, the African Union and its regional organizations. The personal for the maintenance of the Equipment will also be trained on site.

The cooperation is of importance for Germany”

Ground-breaking ceremony at Osona Base on 17.08.2017 with Ambassador Schlaga as well as members of the Namibian Defence Force
Ground-breaking ceremony at Osona Base on 17.08.2017.© German Embassy Windhoek

Germany is supporting the project with approximately  5 million euros (about 80 million N$) as part of its equipment assistance program. The NDF contributes 20 percent towards the construction costs. Ambassador Christian Schlaga emphasized in his speech at the commencement of the construction that the cooperation with the Namibian armed Forces was of importance to Germany as it wanted to contribute towards a development that would ultimately enable Namibia's participation in international peacekeeping missions in Africa. This is in the spirit of African responsibility for African peace and stability.

Training being a fundamental part of the project

During the project period, workshops of different specialised trades will be set up: electricians, plumbers, mechanics, bricklayers, carpenters and welders will find everything they need for their work, including workshop halls for the maintenance of motor vehicles and a vehicle paint shop. Some of the areas were designed as training workshops, similar to the already existing training workshop for automotive mechanics where certified training will be implemented. The entire complex enables the Namibian armed forces to ensure consistent repair and maintenance for a wide range of equipment and, if necessary, prepare material and personnel for possible deployment.

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