German Embassy sponsors scholarships to support German language teaching

German Embassy sponsors scholarships to support German language teaching

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14.07.2023 - Press release

The German Embassy is providing a grant of 145,000 Namibian dollars (7,250 euros) to support the training of teachers with a focus on the subject German.

Namibia has a shortage of qualified and experienced German teachers. The profession is paid relatively poorly and thus suffers from low social prestige. As a result, many no longer aspire to become a teacher, while others quit for personal or financial reasons in order to pursue work that is more lucrative. In addition, many teachers who entered the profession before 1980 are retiring. Thus, vacancies at the Curriculum Planning Department and at the University of Namibia can no longer be filled by German-speaking or indigenous professionals.

The Association of German School Societies in Namibia (AGDS) has been working for a long time to recruit school graduates for the teaching profession. To this end, it awards scholarships to student teachers every year. The AGDS pays the registration and tuition fees of the scholarship recipients as well as N$9,000.00 living allowance every half year. Applicants may be enrolled at the University of Namibia or South African universities. The AGDS enters into a contract with each applicant and the sponsored scholarship holder thereby commits to teach at a school affiliated by the AGDS through its school association for at least as many years as he or she is granted a scholarship. Three of these scholarships are funded with the help of the German Embassy's sponsorship, which aims to contribute to the promotion of the German language and the teaching profession in Namibia.

Project partners:

AGDS has been active in Namibia since 1956 and has been financially supporting teacher trainees since 1988. With this project, the AGDS would like to support the Namibian education system and the Ministry of Education and contribute to the preservation of the German language and culture.

The AGDS is the umbrella organization of German school associations in Namibia. It oversees eleven schools that are administered or co-administered by its member associations, plus about another 50 schools that are not affiliated with the AGDS but where German is taught as a foreign language.

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