School and Youth Exchange


Exchange programmes and school partnerships promote cross-border mobility of young people, understanding for each other as well as tolerance and open-mindedness. In exchange of this kind, pupils gain intercultural experience which becomes ever more important for personal and professional development. The Federal Foreign Office supports a wide range of activities in this field.

There is hardly a better way to learn about life in Germany than to experience the day-to-day activities of a host family within the framework of the school and youth exchange.

Information for Namibian pupils and young people

School exchanges have an extremely positive impact on the quality of learning and learning environments. As a result of participating in exchanges and other collaborative schemes, individuals greatly develop their technical, linguistic and intercultural skills, as well as their personal skills. The 'Pädagogische Austauschdienst (PAD)' offers scholarships for Namibian students of German with excellent performance and supports visits with host families in Germany from two to four weeks. For further information please contact the German Embassy in Windhoek.

Information for German pupils and young people

The PAD as well as the International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany (IJAB) advise and inform about visits abroad for German pupils and young people.

School Partnerships

School partnerships between Namibia and Germany have existed for many years. They contribute substantially to the knowledge and better understanding of different cultures.

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