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01.04.2021 - Article

If you apply for a German passport the first time or your last passport expired more than 15 years ago, please take note of the following information.

Who is eligible for a German passport?

Only German citizens can apply for a passport. If you are not sure whether you are a German citizen, this question needs to be answered first.

Information on German citizenship can be found here:

German citizenship

Place of Residence still in Germany?

If you still have your place of residence in Germany, please apply for your passport there. The German Embassy Windhoek is not responsible for such cases and can only render support in exceptional circumstances.

Is a Name Declaration required?

Please note that family names on foreign birth certificates may not be recognised by German law in some cases. For further Information on name declarations and name changes please contact our consular section.

Application Documents

Applications for passports must be handed in personally at the German Embassy Windhoek and only after booking an appointment through the following link: Terminvergabe

The online appointment system works optimal on the browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you cannot access the page properly, please read our information on trouble shooting here: How to book an appointment with the Consular Section

All documents must be presented as an original and as a copy. Copies certified by German or Namibian authorities can replace the original.

Documents in other languages than in English or French must be handed in with a translation into German or English.

Please bring the following documents personally to your appointment:

1. Completed and signed application for a passport

Application form for adults PDF / 614 KB

Additional questionnaire for first-time applicants

Additional questionnaire for first-time applicants PDF / 29 KB

3. One biometric passport photo. Please note that photos that deviate from the pattern panel for passport photos cannot be accepted.
Photo template for passport photos PDF / 550 KB
4. Last German passport (if applicable)
5. Birth Certificate
6. Marriage Certificate of the parents (if applicable)
7. Birth Certificate of the German parent (if applicable)
8. Original German passports of your German parent/s issued before and after the time of your birth. (if applicable)
9. Valid passports or ID-cards of both parents (also  if they are not German citizens)
10. If your parents and/or you were naturalized in Germany: German naturalization certificate or „Registrierschein“ (for late repatriates)
11. If your German parents and/or were naturalized in Namibia: Namibian certificate of naturalization and official permission to retain German citizenship (Beibehaltungsgenehmigung)
12. If your parents and/or you are not Namibian citizens: current or last permanent residence
13. If you are also a Namibian citizen: Namibian identity document
14. Marriage certificate (if you are or were married)
15. If applicable: divorce documents
16. If applicable: certificate of name issued by a German civil registry 
17. If the address in your last passport is still a German residence: Proof of deregistration from Germany („Abmeldebescheinigung“)


The fees for the passports need to be paid at the application in Namibian Dollar. The below mentioned fees will be converted into Namibian Dollar according to the Exchange rate of the Embassy on that day. Payment can be done with cash or credit cards (Visa or MasterCard).

Passports for applicants above 24 years (32 pages) 81,00 Euro
Passports for applicants above 24 years (48 pages) 103,00 Euro
Passports for applicants below 24 years (32 pages) 58,50 Euro
Passports for applicants below 24 years (48 pages) 80,50 Euro

Processing time and Validity

German passports are produced by the Federal Printing Office in Berlin. Please expect a processing time of 10 - 12 weeks for a first-time application. Due to extensive verification it is not possible to apply for a passport in the express procedure.

Passports for applicants below 24 years are valid for 6 years.

Passports for applicants above 24 years are valid for 10 years.

At a glance: downloads and links

For all consular services at the passport section of the German Embassy Windhoek you have to arrange an appointment well in advance. Please find the link to the online appointment system here:

Online Appointment System

The appointment system has been developed for use at a PC with browers Firefox or Internet Explorer. With other browsers or devices, performance can be limited. If you cannot access the page properly, please read our information on trouble shooting here: How to book an appointment with the Consular Section

For all questions you do not find an answer for on this website, please contact the Consular Section directly:

Contact the German Embassy Windhoek

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