Notarial Certification

06.04.2021 - Article

Different certifications can be done by the German Embassy Windhoek.

General Information

Certification is the “stronger” form of legal transactions.

During certification, the consular officer confirms the identity of the signatory, in addition, the officer is also under obligation to inform the signatory about his legal rights and the consequences of the certification.

The Embassy will examine the Information and prepare the document. This process might in some cases take some time so that the certification can only be done with an appointment.

Please thus contact the Embassy per telephone or email if a certification is necessary. The Embassy will decide on a case-by-case basis if certification is possible and which Information and documents need to be provided beforehand.

You can contact the consular section here.


The following legal documents can generally be certified at the German Embassy:

  • affidavits (for example in pension matters, loss of driving licence, registration of marriage in Germany)
  • Application for the issuing of a certificate of inheritance
  • Application for the issuing of a letters testamentary
  • Acknowledgement of paternity
  • Agreement of the mother to the acknowlegement of paternity
  • Maintenance Obligation

The Embassy principally cannot certify purchase or donation contracts, marriage contracts or testaments. Please contact a German notary in these cases.

Which documents have to be presented at the certification the Embassy will be communicated on a case-by-case basis.


A fee has to be paid at the Embassy in Namibian Dollar.

The fees will be converted from Euro into Namibian Dollar according to the exchange rate of the Embassy on that day. Payment can be done with cash or credit cards (Visa or MasterCard). List of fees.

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