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02.05.2024 - Article

General Information:

  • The applicant (Namibian citizen residing in Namibia or foreign citizen with a valid residence permit for Namibia) can apply for a short term visa for business purpose to Germany. The German Embassy in Windhoek also represents various other Schengen countries, please check our website for the updated list.
  • Please note that the application has to be submitted personally and only by appointment at the German Embassy. It cannot be submitted earlier than 6 months before the date of travel.
  • The application will usually be processed within 15 days upon submission of the complete visa application. Therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply well in advance of their actual travel dates.
  • If the travel date is imminent or lies within two weeks of the application date, please postpone the trip. In general, the German Embassy is not able to expedite the process.
  • The visa application fee is the equivalent of EUR 80. This non-refundable fee is payable in cash in NAD or by credit card when applying.
  • Each applicant must submit a separate and complete set of the documents.
  • Original documents must be submitted with 1 simple copy.
  • Further documentation may be requested in each individual case.
  • Please see our website for additional information: Website of the German Embassy Windhoek (www.windhoek.diplo.de)
  • For minors (below 18), generally both parents / legal guardians must apply in person (with the child) and must sign the application form personally at the German Embassy in Windhoek on the booked appointment, IDs of the parents and must be presented in original plus one simple copy. The unabridged birth certificate needs to state the name(s) of the parents and must be presented in original plus one simple copy.
  • If frequent trips to the Schengen area are planned, it is possible to ask for a multiple-entry visa to be issued, therefor please enclose a brief explanatory letter with the application documents in which the reasons are explained. Whether the requirements are met (for example immaculate travel history) can only be considered after the application has been submitted and reviewed.

Please read the following checklist, fill in the application form completely and provide the original documents plus 1 simple copy (only complete applications can be processed!)·

Submission of the following documents does not guarantee that a visa will be granted.

Please sort the documents exactly in the following order:

1 duly completed visa application form for a Schengen visa (short-term visa)

- please open the online application form Videx (www.videx.diplo.de)

- fill it in fully and correctly in English or German

- download the completed form as a PDF-file, then

- print it (should be 7 pages including a barcode on the last page)

- date and sign it

1 recent passport photograph according to biometric specifications
Original passport or travel document valid for at least 3 months after the intended date of departure from the territory of the Schengen area. The passport/travel document must contain at least two blank pages and must have been issued within the last 10 years.
Provide a copy of a) the passport data page, b) previous Schengen visas within last 3 years and c) valid USA/UK visas if available.

For non-Namibian citizens: Proof of legal residence in Namibia, which allows reentering Namibia upon the end of the journey. Original plus 1 copy of Permanent Resident card and re-entry permit.

A letter of invitation from the applicant’s business partner in Europe stating the purpose and duration of the business trip. The letter has to be signed by the person in charge. A scan, copy or fax can be accepted.

If the applicant is attending a conference, a confirmation letter and payment receipt is needed.

A quotation for a round-trip airline ticket with the applicant’s name (no final booking needed).

A travel itinerary including hotel accommodation reservation or similar confirmation of accommodation for the entire trip in the Schengen area (no final booking needed).

Travel/medical insurance with policy wording (coverage for medical expenses/repatriation/pre-existing: EUR 30,000, valid for the entire Schengen area for the duration of the applicant's planned stay). It is a requirement that claims against the insurance company must be recoverable in a Member State. The insured party, policy validity period, geographical coverage and schedule of benefits must be mentioned in the policy schedule/certificate.

An original letter from the applicant’s employer, stating the details of the applicant, employment duration, designation, salary, purpose and duration of travel. If applicable, the company should confirm taking full responsibility for all expenses.

Students must provide proof of enrolment at an educational institution. An original letter from the school, signed and dated (with permission of absence or confirmation of school holidays) is necessary.

Other proofs of living circumstances if the above mentioned does not apply may be requested (For example: Pensioner shall provide title deed).

Self-employed applicants must provide the original business registration.

Proof of the applicant's personal financial circumstances (original latest 3 months of bank statements) from a local account and a bank confirmation letter. Statements need to have a bank letter head with the name of the account holder and need to be originally stamped by the bank. Online transaction records without account holder’s names and not on bank letter head are not accepted.

Proof of financing for the planned trip (original latest 3 month bank statements) from a local account with sufficient funds reflecting in credit of the company/person that finances the trip.

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