Life certificates

06.04.2021 - Article
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Life certificates (declarations on the continuation of a pension) must be completed once a year and returned to the relevant institution in order to ensure continued payment of the pension.

German pension authorities usually send out the form until July of each year. Should you not have received your life certificate by that time, please contact your Pension Authority directly, as the German missions are not involved in this process.

The signature of the pensioner must be certified. This confirmation is carried out by an official body in Namibia (for example, all authorities, pension insurance institutions, notaries, banks, hospitals, Red Cross).

Please note that the pensioner must provide the certifying authority or body with a valid photo ID (passport).

Only in exceptional cases, the confirmation can also be made by the German Embassy Windhoek. Please make sure that you arrange an appointment online before coming to the Embassy:
Online appointment system for the Consular Section

The German Foreign Missions are no longer authorized to forward your life certificate to Germany. Please send your life certificate directly to the respective German pension authority.

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