Micro-project fund of the Embassy Windhoek

Germany supports Namibia in various ways.

Germany supports Namibia in various ways., © photothek.de


Direct impact on the living conditions of disadvantaged groups of society with small grants directly managed by the Embassy.

The micro-project fund is a small-scale program available for projects which aim at improving the living conditions of the poorest and most disadvantaged population groups and the promotion of gender equality. The fund is managed directly by the German Embassy in Windhoek. The ultimate goal is “helping people to help themselves”, i.e. people are assisted and directly involved in improving their livelihoods in order to guarantee sustainability.

Local non-governmental organizations, self-help groups  and recognized associations, applying for financial support, enter into agreements with the German Embassy in Windhoek on the implementation of the project.

Please find the funding guidelines here: Funding guidelines for micro-projects

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