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How to book an appointment with the Consular Section

27.01.2020 - Artikel

General information on the booking system and information on technical requirements are given here.

To book you appointment please use our appointment system. You can find it under this link:

Online appointment booking system

We would like to highlight the following important points for the online booking for all services:

  • For all booking requests, there is an input field in the form where the passport number of each applicant needs to be submitted. For security reasons and to avoid multiple bookings, the mentioned passport number and the number of the actual passport will be cross-checked when arriving at the Embassy. Access to the Visa and Consular Section is granted only when both passport numbers match.
  • Please ensure that you book an appointment for each visit and for each person. Example: two members of one family want to apply for a new passport. Two appointments need to be booked.
  • If no appointment is available online, we are fully booked. Please check regularly online, whether an apointment got available due to cancellation by another person.
  • Once you booked an appointment and entered the correct e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail is automatically generated. If you do not receive the confirmation, please consider the appointment as not booked! Please also check your SPAM-folder (sender is „noreply@diplo.de“.
  • If you cannot keep your appointment: Please cancel immediately before you book a new appointment and therefore give other clients the opportunity to arrange an appointment.
  • It is not possible to arrange an appointment via telephone.
  • Due to obligatory security checks, please arrive 15 minutes earlier to your appointment and present a print-out of your confirmation e-mail.
  • If you do not find your required consular matter in the appointment system or if you are not sure in which category to book, please contact the Embassy.
  • Arranging an appointment is free of charge. Possible consular fees are only due on your personal meeting in the Embassy.

Technical advice:

  • If you cannot access the webpage of the appointment system or if an error message shows, please check the following:
  • Link:
    Please access the service through the Embassy’s homepage only in order to prevent problems with access. Most importantly, please do not use bookmarks from earlier visits to the site and do not use the browser’s automatic address-memory function (i.e. the function where a previous URL appears when you type the first letters).
  • Browser:
    The online appointment system is compatible with all standard browsers, but works best with Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you think there are problems with the browser you are using, please try again with Firefox or Internet Explorer as your browser or use another computer, e.g. one belonging to relatives, friends, a hotel or an internet café. Please open the online appointment system in one browser window or tab only and do not use the browser’s back button.
  • Other factors:
    Virus scanners, firewalls, other security products, company guidelines and the internet connection all determine how fast you can access the service and whether you can access it at all. If you experience problems, please try to access the service using another internet connection.
  • Smartphone/mobile devices/small-screen rendering:
    The pages can be displayed on browsers on mobile devices. Depending on the device’s resolution, however, you may find that you need to scroll in landscape (horizontal) mode or zoom in. You may also find the display too small to read. This makes the booking slower and less comfortable, but it is still possible.

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