The Association of German School Societies in Namibia (AGDS)

The photo shows a group of young people with a few of them in the foreground, holding the Namibian flag.

The photo shows participants in the student exchange and their family members at the air port ready for departure to Germany., © AGDS


The AGDS was founded in 1956 as an umbrella organisation for schools where German as a First Language is taught. Over the last 60 years it has supported the preservation and promotion of the German Language in Namibia according to its stated aims.

Today six school societies from private schools and four from public schools are represented by a member in the board. Together with six other representatives they are responsible for the work and annual projects of the AGDS:

  • a teachers symposium where up to 120 teachers from all faculties take part, including social education workers and teachers for German as a Foreign Language.
  • a scholarship programme for school leavers who want to study for a BA in Education.
  • a student exchange programme between Germany and Namibia
  • the Horst Kreft Reading Feast for primary school students from grade 3-6
  • the Kurt Böhme Speakers Competition for students from grade 8-11

The AGDS is part of the curatorium of the “Projekt Lilie”, where particularly accomplished teachers are honoured during a gala dinner every year. Additionally, the AGDS represents the interests of German Namibians in the area of schools and cooperates closely with the German Embassy in Windhoek as well as other German-language organisations such as the Deutscher Kulturrat and the Goethe Institut Windhoek.

In the framework of its financial capacities the AGDS also supports schools and hostels that are frequented by German-speaking children. During AGDS board meetings general problems of the education system in Namibia are dealt with too, such as the lack of qualified teachers and teaching materials, financial bottlenecks and the unsatisfactory financial remuneration of teachers.

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